Language is the Third Great Magic of mankind. The First being Creation, and the Second, Compassion.

What is Creation without Compassion? It is sterile destruction; it is the mined out wastes left behind by unchecked greed, it is the orphan left for others to raise.

I wrote this several years go, but apparently I have yet to learn to live what I meant to say. The other night, after several hours of drama by my younger son and in the face of his continued self-destructive behavior, I lost my composure and screamed at him. THAT’S JUST STUPID!

Where was my compassion? With those words I created a scene in which all my son heard was “STUPID”. In my anger I cut away at his already tiny sense of self-worth. It didn’t help to say that it was the behavior that was stupid, and not him. All he heard was contempt.

    This is what Creation without Compassion looks like.

What is Compassion without Language? It is unfulfilled desire; it is the empty void between the walker and the beggar on the street, neither recognizing his brother.

Had I been smarter the other night, I would have told my son what he needed to hear, not what I needed to say. I could have told him simply that I loved him, no matter what. When he screamed his hate at me, I could have told him, “I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE”. I didn’t do that. Instead I stood there and yelled at him. Even while I cried inside at his misery, I did not say what he needed to hear.

    This is what Compassion without Language looks like.

What is Language without Creation? It is the dreary recitation of facts; it is the lack of spark to ignite learning, the empty mind of the slave.

Finally, last night, as we stood there and stared at each other and I had my final opportunity to make things better, I let my despair and weariness overrule my good sense. Instead of trying again, anything again, I just stood aside and said “WHATEVER. JUST WHATEVER.”. I left my son with the feeling that he was not worth further consideration, that he was not worth his creation. And he replied with his own empty language, “I SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN BORN.”

    This is what Language without the spark of creation looks like.

Any two of the three Great Magics of Creation, Compassion and Language take flight when they are paired. Yet it is the third, the gift of Language that can inspire or destroy the soul.

I must remember to use my words with care.