Day 1 – It Takes Time

Three Things the World teaches us:

  • Instant answers are not Nature’s way
  • What took time to destroy takes time to rebuild
  • It’s all about the journey, and by their very nature, journeys take time

We have a 24-hour day, an 8-hour workday, a 5-day work week, 4 weeks to a month, and 12 months a year. We have defined beginnings and endings; we know how to start and stop. But we don’t really know the cycle of the seasons; we’ve lost track of the time that really matters and our place in it.

So it’s no wonder that we focus on the small chunks that we can easily grasp. And when we do, they become overly important to us; the small chunks, the instants of our lives fill our eyes.

It’s past time that we look for the cycles that we live within, that formed us over eons. It’s time to see the grand scale and our place in the eternal cycle. It’s time for no time.