Three results of accepting the Divine within myself:

  • Compassion for myself flows to others
  • Sane caregiving for myself extends to others
  • Others see divinity within me

Three doors opened by Hope:

  • Possibility, the Door of All Worlds
  • Divinity, the Door of All Wisdom
  • Serenity, the Door of All Peace

Three benefits of an ‘interesting’ life:

  • I get to learn from life experiences
  • I get to fake trust in the divine until trust actually develops
  • I get to really internalize the meaning of irony

Three judgments of a standard of conduct:

  • Wrong, when I expect it of others
  • Wrong, when I push it on others
  • Right, when I live it and accept the outcome
The reading said that expectation leads to resentments. Agreed, when it is only I being judgemental. But take the “I” out of “expectation” and you get “EXPECTATON”, a giant metal robot heedlessly destroying everything in its path. It’s bad enough when we push our individual expectations on others; when we do so as a group, it’s far far worse. ☺


Day 153 – Wrong Right Conduct
Day 154 – I Get To Do So Much
Day 156 – All in All
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Day 158 –  A Moral Inventory
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Day 160 – Separation from the Divine
Day 161 – Humble, Not Abusable
Day 162 – Climb That Hill
Day 163 – Amends not Emends
Day 164 – Don’t Dilly Dally
Day 165 –  Look and Look Again
Day 166 –  Present,  don’t Prosyletize
Day 167 –  Bite Me
Day 168 –  Act,  Own and Gain Thereby
Day 169 –  Fear Nothing
Day 170 –  I Need That,  Why Don’t I Have That
Day 171 –  Don’t Take It On
Day 172 –  Mirror Mirror,  On the Wall
Day 173 –  Clearly Capuchin
Day 174 –  Words Have Power
Day 175 –  Honest Practice
Day 176 –  Let the Breeze In
Day 177 –  Don’t Help Me
Day 178 –  The Gift
Day 179 –  Give,  Give,  Give
Day 180 –  Don’t Drink Their Drink
Day 181 – Don’t Hide from Fear
Day 182 – Dare
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Three characteristics of a spiritual journey:

  • We fight nasty, vicious battles
  • Our higher power guides us
  • We work through darkness towards the light
And a fourth:
  • We fight change by changing