Three reasons to be both needy and strong:

  • To benefit from the strength derived from others experience
  • To deliver that benefit to others
  • To learn that Need is Father to Strength and Strength the Mother to Need

Our children stand at the edge of the cliff, but it’s we who feel the fear of falling. Others say we shouldn’t feel their fear, let THEM feel it instead. But the simple truth is that they aren’t afraid. They don’t connect the dots.  It’s that connection we should try to avoid, not the fear.

Three lights to show the way:
  • A smile to show I am seen
  • A greeting to show I am welcome
  • A hug to show I am home

Three steps into acceptance:

  • The release of expectations
  • Settling into the Now
  • Moving on with the Void in one hand, and Love in the other

Three risks:

  • The risk of not acting
  • The risk of acting
  • The risk of acting without risk

Three times of sadness:

  • Past – Grief for lost dreams
  • Present – Denial of change
  • Future – Fear of the unknown

Three characteristics of the self as a worthwhile companion:

  • I do not depend upon others for happiness
  • I am a friend to others without burdening them with my expectations
  • I have a relationship with divinity; all of nature is my higher power

i was tough on you today, son
adamant, unyielding

you hurt, i know
i hurt, you know
we hurt each other

at least,
we’re still